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Murphy optimistic, anticipating smooth school reopening process

September 3, 2020 02:38:39 PM

As September begins, parents and kids alike are anxious for students to get back to school. In his media briefing Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy told residents to rest assured that New Jersey is in the best possible position when it comes to keeping schools safe.

“We are confident that these steps we have in place will make the kind of chaotic situations we have seen in other states far less likely to happen in ours,” Murphy said. “We also have in place specific health guidance for what to do when a case arises in a school, or if we see a spike in cases or a cluster in school. We are ready.”

According to Murphy, 434 school districts are fully prepared to begin next week with a hybrid model of both in-person and remote learning. An additional 68 districts will open to all in-person instruction, 242 will be all-remote and 22 will go with some combination of all-of-the-above.

Joining the governor was interim Department of Education Commissioner Kevin Dehmer, who emphasized the need to have the state help students, families and educators with the technology they will need to be using this school year.

“We want to help educators get the training they need to effectively engage with their students,” Dehmer said. “We also want to make sure parents and families know how to use the technology that links them to the schools.”

In the revised fiscal 2021 budget that was announced last week, $8.7 billion will be allocated in direct aid to schools. According to Dehmer, two-thirds of school districts across the state will receive more funding this year than last year.

Other notes from Wednesday’s COVID-19 briefing:


Source: roi-nj